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    M-STAR the Merced area's astronomy club - has been officially inactive due to a small membership size. We are trying to re-activate the club and bring the hobby of astronomy to more residents of Merced & Atwater. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE TO PARTICIPATE (it's up to you.) You don't need to have equipment to start. In fact, it's likely best you observe through our members' scopes first and talk to us before making an equipment decision.

    What can membership in a club provide?

    Education through interaction with other membership
    Potential to learn other aspects of the hobby: astro-photography, video astronomy, spectroscopy, solar observing, and more...
    Group observing opportunities
    Outreach projects with area schools and Castle Challenger Museum
    Potential field trips
    Access to national organizations with formal observing programs
    Possible discounted magazines subscriptions and books

    Once we re-start the club, we will likely have a monthly meeting (Friday evening nearest full Moon) and begin to plan a few observing sessions.

    The hobby of astronomy can give you and your family enjoyment for a lifetime. You'll never run-out of objects to study. After all, the universe is infinite! We will arrange special College, Jr. High and Middle School student rates to make joining an easy decision. If you are curious about what it would take to be involved, contact Mike Ryan mtorion@comcast.net or at 209-769-1499.

    Object: Moon
 Location: Unknown
 Instrument: 8 inch SCT
 Camera: Unknown
 Image: Single frame @ f 6.6 & 2x zoom
 Processing: Unknown
 Author: Michael T. Ryan Object: M42
 Location: Winton CA
 Instrument: Celestron 11 inch
     Lumicon Giant Off-Axis Guider
     focal reducer
 Camera: Nikon F
 Image: 20 minute exposure on Fuji 400
 Processing: Nikon Coolscan IV
 Author: Richard Cloak

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